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Do you need a private teacher or studio in Anchorage, Alaska providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons? Stop searching - we have detailed information, unbiased student reviews and recommendations about local schools and instructors.
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 333-7182
Helping Students learn the language and share the joy of music. Linda welcomes all students whether they are beginners, adults or "comeback" players who played piano or trumpet "once-upon-a-time." She offers focused and individualized instruction in a manner that complements the student's learning style.
(907) 868-8869
We offer Anchorage a unique approach to lessons in piano, guitar, violin and other popular instruments. We teach what students want to play. Most studios are operated by a single teacher specializing in only one style, or with employees trained to teach every student the same material in the same method.
(907) 222-3432
We provide the Anchorage area with high quality singing lessons in a professional, relaxed and supportive environment, specializing in singers of all ages and abilities who want to learn proper technique for a voice that has beauty and expression.
(907) 360-2915
Let me help you or your child to open that marvelous new page of your life. Be patient, it might take us a couple of years, but you already know that everything valuable is not that easy to learn. You will get the greatest reward of all and you will never be lonely in your life. Your piano will be with you every moment when you need a friend.
(907) 696-6873
Cara WalshEddie DormanThe Piano Lesson
The instructors at Muse believe students need a true understanding of the way music functions in order to be musicians who function. We share the philosophy that students will respond best when learning music they enjoy and will blossom when challenged to try a variety of styles. Students are encouraged
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