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The following article was posted on December 30th, 2014, in the Santa Maria Sun - Volume 15, Issue 43by Certain Sparks Music
A must read article for all parents who are interested in their child taking piano Butler Piano Studio
Teaching private lessons is very demanding. At times it can be psychologically draining. Spending so much consistent, persistent and one-on-one time with students requires extreme flexibility in approach, strategies of communicating and relating to many types of personalities. There are many issues,by Excellence Private Training
Acoustic vs. Electric Guitars When shopping for their first guitars, new musicians often confront the predicament of whether to get an electric or an acoustic model. They frequently ask me which is a better kind on which to Primeau Guitar Studio
Learning to read notes definitely ranks as one of the most challenging concepts for all beginning music students to learn"and pianists have to learn how to read notes in both the bass and treble clefs!by Piano Central Studios
We all know that music is fun and all around us. But did you know that music is actually good for you? Just like how milk is good for our bones, music is good for our minds!by Sara's Music Lessons
Have you or your child been playing and practicing regularly through the school year? If so, fabulous! Don't let all those great skills deteriorate over the summer. Even if you are going out of town this summer, it is important to keep practicing and keep up with your music Prestige Music Academy
When is the last time you practiced exercises on staccato? Do you even know what the word means? Do you know how to do it? Why am I thinking that you don't? (voice teacher shaking head and rolling eyes)by Daniel James Shigo
With the PCS Music and Art Fest quickly approaching as well as all of the spring semester recitals, there's a lot of music that needs memorizing! What's the best way to memorize? Are there any memorization tips? We'd like to share a few pointers to get you Piano Central Studios
Muscle Memory is the brain/body's memorization of movements. When you speak throughout the day, you are practicing (i.e training your brain and body to memorize) vocal technique! Muscle Memory is like our "Default Mode" or "Auto-Correct".by Synergistic Singing
Every violinist needs to work on intonation whether we're just beginning, or we have made it to the professional realm. Sometimes it can be a frustrating endeavor. We know we aren't playing in tune, but no matter what we do it doesn't seem to get better!by Emily Williams
Purchasing a new guitar can be intimidating, especially for a new player. There are so many guitars to choose from it can get confusing and quite overwhelming. On top of that, there is always the risk of running into the "eager" salesmen, known to push either expensive guitars and gear or cheap guitarsby Metro Music Makers
I know many students out there love the thrill of making music, but for one reason or another they are terrified of performing for others. If performing for friends doesn't stress them, maybe they get very nervous at a big Metro Music Makers
Many people believe that if they aren't good at singing on pitch then they must be tone deaf. I have had many students come to take lessons and when asked to tune their instrument or match a pitch reply with the fact that they think they're tone deaf: I have yet to encounter a student who truly Emily Williams
What I call "the practicing myth" comes in various forms, but it always goes something like this: "My kids hate to practice, and I don't want them to hate music, so taking music lessons must not be for them."by Emily Williams
Regardless of whether a child plays the piano for a short time or for a lifetime, the long-term effects of their piano pursuance are many. Numerous studies available show children who play an instrument, score higher on both standard and spatial cognitive development tests Academy Of Music & Fine Arts
Is there such a thing as too much practice on a musical instrument? I personally think sometimes having too much practice actually hinders your progress. Here's why. Most people think that when they practice an instrument, they need to do so for an hour more at a The Science Of Six String
Tuning is the first thing we as musicians do before playing, so we should teach our students to do the same. Many teachers tune their student's instrument for them, especially younger beginning Emily Williams
If you're serious about taking vocal lessons then spend some time looking for the right vocal coach. A good vocal coach should teach you how to breathe correctly, and warm up Jammin' Kids
Everyday, our bodies use this cool thing called muscle memory. It's the automatic reaction that your body learns after doing something so many times (like always grabbing your toothbrush with your right hand and the toothpaste with your left).by Jammin' Music Studios
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