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Athens, Georgia
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Offering private music lessons and instrumental instruction to over 150 students. All ages, all styles, all levels. We currently have 20 professional musicians providing instruction in guitar, bass, piano, drums, voice, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, violin, cello, saxophone, trumpet, flute, dulcimer, and more. We also offer an ensemble program, booking for weddings and events, and instruction in recording techniques and music theory.
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I work to make sure that I'm both a quality musician as well as a skilled teacher. Both aspects are important when teaching music. I have worked successfully with students from ages 5 up through students in their 60s across a variety of genres and styles. Whatever your goals are, I look forward to the opportunity to work hard and make sure that you have the skills and resources needed to reach the level you want.
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The LaMattina Drum Studio consists of two full sized rooms and offers a total percussion training. The student spends 15 minutes in each room and receives private instruction in each room. The philosophy of the LaMattina Drum Studio is to challenge the student each week without frustrating the student
(404) 983-8299
Teaching music in a home studio is a tradition that has been practiced for hundreds of years. There are numerous examples throughout history that composers and instrumentalists who had a home teaching studio started their music lessons also in a home studio setting. There are important advantages of
(678) 637-7293
Piano Student Video: I Love Music LessonsAbigail performs at the Metro Music Makers Holiday Recital
Our instructors, hand selected by founder Allison Boyd, excel at teaching musical concepts and techniques to students of all ages. In addition to having high credentials, our teaching staff is comprised of instructors who have years of teaching experience and who actively participate in the Metro Atlanta
(404) 915-4599
Eddie MinjarezFrancisca VanherleKaterina LewisLauren Allain
Guitar Decatur is an inviting and comfortable music instruction studio where our guitar and bass instructors are dedicated to helping you reach your goals across a wide range of styles from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Songwriting, Classical guitar and more. At Guitar Decatur, you can find everything
(678) 739-7845
If you want to take guitar, voice, bass guitar, drum, or keyboard lessons, or even form a band, Thunder Road Music Studios can help! We teach you what you need to know to succeed in music. Thunder Road Music Studios was founded on the revolutionary idea that the best way to teach students how to play
(678) 233-7728
I teach both acoustic and electric guitar in several styles of playing...Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk, Rythm & Lead guitar playing, and Fingerstyle. For my younger students and those who are wanting to advance their musical knowledge to study music in college, become teachers, or do formal studio
(404) 250-0406
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We are happy to be Atlanta's most musician friendly school and store. In addition to our first rate music lessons and instrument rentals, we offer many accessories such as: sheet music, reeds, strings for guitar, violin, viola, cello, and bass, guitar straps, maintenance kits, cords and cables, tuners
(404) 889-0383
Jayme AlilawJulia CarrollAmy LashleyRebecca Mcwilliams
In Tune Studio is a private music studio located in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta. We are a cooperative of instructors and musicians with the common goal of helping students succeed in their studies, whether they are working toward studying in an academic setting or playing just for fun. We
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