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Bagpipe classes and private lessons for people of all ages and abilities. No prior music experience required! Start with the specialty class "Bagpipes for Beginners" where students learn the basic finger movements in preparation of learning a first tune.
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Bagpipes for Beginners
The best way to begin learning the pipes is through the group classes offered in Claremont California. Whether you are an experienced musician or the bagpipes are your first instrument, anyone can learn how to play. The class Introduces music theory, basic grace notes and embellishments, and applies these skills to learning a first tune. Class sessions are held every month. A set of bagpipes is not needed to learn. A separate instrument called a practice chanter is used for learning and practice for pipers of all abilities. A practice chanter may be purchased from DC Music or your local retailer.

After completing Bagpipes for Beginners, an intermediate class is offered for continuation of lessons in a group setting. The class is a self-paced masters class and may be taken multiple times. Instruction is one-on-one and as an ensemble. This 2-4 people group class is run concurrently with the beginners section with sessions every month. A set of bagpipes is not required, but the purchase and playing of a set of pipes in this class in encouraged.
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