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Sign up online today! PaSTOR D sign up today for private training (In-Home). We provide piano, guitar, bass, keyboard sequencing, voice, song writing lessons. Also audio & video production graphic design, website designing and ministry preparation & bible training.
Lessons Offered
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Music Theory
  • Piano
  • Songwriting
  • Voice
$25 Hr. and Up!
Areas Served
Computer - Music - Audio-Video Production - Ministry
Payment Options
Cash, Personal Checks, PayPal
Contact Information
Contact Person PaSTOR D
E-mail Address reachpastord@msn.com
Phone Number (404) 549-7944
City Atlanta, GA
Zip Code 30315
Address 1819 Thomasville Dr. SE
Products and Services
One on One Private Training (Home)
- Guitar
- Bass Guitar
- Piano
- Voice
- Song Writing
- Keyboard Sequencing
- Music Composition And More
Key People
PaSTOR D (Michael Dennis)
PaSTOR D (Michael Dennis)
Owner/Instructor, (404) 549-7944
PaSTOR D "Born to Teach"
My mission as a private teacher is to continually give out everything that God has given me through teaching. Having a wide diversity of areas to teach on, I'm able to oversee each student complete growth over a long period of time.
As God bless me to discover and learn more, all present students can greatly benefit from the constant presentation of fresh training materials.

God's purpose in my life has dramatically pointed in the direction of leader and teaching. The earliest period of my life was always centered around the urge and passion to share what I've learn through instructing others people. At that time, it was a inner compulsion to examine, analyze, and attempt to explain anything that I learned or discovered. The rest is history. I've been doing some manner of teaching my entire life.

The compulsion to explain is the fuel of my multiple pursuits. Over many years I've come to recognize all the inner signs of what my true God-given gifts are. TEACHING by far is my foundational daily agenda. Daily, I'm psychologically energized by working with students and watching all the dynamics of their growth and learning challenges.

My role as a teacher is an enjoyable extension of my function of a Pastor. In unique, subtle and sometimes pressing ways, I try to inspire a growing mentality among students. That is, reshaping their attitude for growth and flexibility. Spiritual intervention is always apart of my teaching. I've found it necessary considering how often negative life experiences can hinder a person's growth. Therefore, the spiritual element comes in handy for inviting students away from anything form of thinking that does not aid their growth.

Spiritually, teaching enhances my own sharpness, familiarity and gives me a repeated source of stimulation for my own personal growth. The more I teach; the more I learn. The more I gather resources to teach from, the more I discover. In other words, teaching has kept me maximized in everything I do through the constant exposure to rules, ideas, methods, etc.. Ultimately, teaching for me, is a form o"giving." It is my way to make the most of all that God has given me.

To some degree, God has given me so much that I almost feel as if there isn't enough cups to put it all in. Talent display situations as performing is not the best way to maximize what God has given me. Only teaching uses every part of me as a person. No dimension of a "Performer's role" can satisfy me fully as with teaching. Yes I am extremely gifted. My niche is clearly known and understood and its connection to God. Therefore, I'm satisfied.

Though there are many advantages associated with "Formal School Training," private training also serves an important role as a training option. Most people ca not afford formal school training. Then there are some who can barely afford private training. There are many famous highly skilled people who entire career has been guided by a personal tutor.

It is the personal tutor who has the time and platform to bring forth the most out of a person skills. Without question, many people need more personalized instructions.

A private teacher, though working with selected pupils have more specific opportunity to mold and shape a person's skill through the personal relationship nature of private training. Ultimately, the cost of private training is typically small compared to a formal school. But quite the contrary, many of the rich and famous pay large fees to have personal coaches. Options to training sources are vital to accommodate different people's path and preparation.

I pray that I'm able to teach every student to:
- embrace personal discipline
- appreciate the value of organization
- possess systematic work ethics

Inspire every student to:
- strive for excellence
- be original and creative
- be versatile
- achieve to glorify God
In this I know in my heart my work is not in vain!

Truly, I love teaching!
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