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Do you need a private teacher or studio in Fountain Valley, California providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons? Stop searching - we have detailed information, unbiased student reviews and recommendations about local schools and instructors.
Fountain Valley, California
(714) 378-0303
Ms. VanQuang Trung VuKelsi Kapnas
Our school was established to provide the very best in musical instruction. We provide a family-oriented atmosphere with responsible and caring faculty and staff. Our current students are of all ages and diversities. We have programs for anyone who loves music.
(714) 362-4598
Children’s private lessonsLaura Valle
Laura Valle is a certified vocal teacher, performer and songwriter. Born in Argentina to a diverse and multicultural environment, Laura studied music and acting since an early age. Obtained numerous roles in theatre and musical theatre productions and toured throughout South America and Europe performing
(714) 377-4928
We offer various music lessons including piano, voice, flute, guitar, violin, and cello. Our classes are held at our studio in Huntington Beach and some selected schools. For classes outside the studio, the music instruction classes we offer depends upon your child's school. In general, they include
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Samara is an experienced music teacher located in Huntington Beach/Seal Beach/Long Beach area. Accomplished, focused, and professional music teacher of 7+ years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! Lessons are structured so students enjoy what they are learning in a fun, positive, and upbeat environment. Samara's goal is to have every student enjoy their piano lessons and love music.
(714) 537-2133
Anna Hanh PhamCynthia LawCurtis Baxter
We provide professional music instructions in a motivating and encouraging environment. We constantly improve our facilities and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are always providing our students and parents the best experience possible. Students have chances to participate in music recitals, evaluations and competitions when they are ready to do so.
(714) 771-2389
Ginger Baker and his son, Kofi Baker perform a Drum DuetKofi Baker - Another Drum Solo
Master the drums while playing along with a professional drummer. There are two kits in the school, so no trading off kits with the instructor. Play along with bass lines and click tracks while jamming with Kofi. Have fun while learning world class touring techniques and how to land gigs with major acts
(714) 896-8742
Lance AustinMark J. ZdunichBrooke Thibault
Orange County Music's teaching staff includes a wide array of experience in both teaching and music styles. If you are interested in flamenco, rock, blues, jazz, Hawaiian, or western we have it. Private lessons are the best way to improve your performance, style, site reading, ear, and confidence! With
(949) 574-2187
Ben RossBryan KarijanianCollin Mcclanahan
We have over 25 teachers, all with either university training or professional performance experience. No other school in Orange County can even come close to matching our staff when it comes to true industry professionals with major international experience. Our teachers are dedicated to learning about
(949) 650-6229
Ken Tamplin Vocal AcdemyHow To Sing Like Steve Perry
Singing lessons by Master Vocal Coach and award winning singer, Ken Tamplin, ARE the best singing lessons in the world. This is not just a statement, its a fact! The real proof is in the singing, my singing and YOUR singing. Here at KTVA we take your singing success very seriously, by providing singing
(949) 400-4664
Sarai ArtzerJerad AthertonMegan Grafton-Cardwell
Orange County's premier music instruction. In-home music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, flute violin, viola, ukelele, harmonica. Learning music should be more than simply memorizing a stack of chord charts, for the true beauty of music is revealed when students unlock their
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