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Friendly Frets Guitar Instruction
Friendly Frets Guitar Instruction is the music studio of Gordon Tibbits located in Everett, Washington 98208. Gordon offers private music lessons on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and ukulele to students age 7 to adult. Beginning students are welcome.
The name "Friendly Frets" represents Gordon's philosophy that learning music should be kept fun, flexible, and oriented closely to the individual interests and needs of his students. Gordon has 32 years teaching experience and has helped many students learn how to play songs from a wide array of music styles. He offers students a supportive, organized, and comfortable learning environment. Please Note: Lessons are scheduled by appointment only.
Lessons Offered
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
Highlights and Features
  • Gordon has taught guitar for over 32 years.
  • Private music lessons for kids (starting at age 7), teens, and adults.
  • Beginning students are always welcome!
  • Gordon has experience working with intermediate and advanced level students on guitar and bass.
  • Acoustic Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Guitar Lessons
  • Electric Bass Lessons
  • Ukulele Lessons
In studio: $65/Hour; $50/45 minutes; $35/30 minutes.

Online: $60/Hour; $45/45 minutes; $30/30 minutes.
Areas Served
Everett, Mill Creek, Snohomish, Silver Lake, Lake Stevens
Payment Options
Cash, Personal Checks, Paypal, Venmo
Business Details
  • Established in 2019 (2 years in the business)
Contact Information
Contact Person Gordon Tibbits
E-mail Address
Phone Number (425) 760-9923
Mobile Phone (425) 760-9923
City Everett, WA
Zip Code 98208
Address 5030 116th PL SE
Products and Services
In Studio: $65/Hour; $50/45minutes; $35/30 minutes; Online: $60/Hr; $45/45minutes; $30/30 min.
Gordon offers acoustic guitar lessons to beginning, intermediate, and even advanced students. Gordon helps students develop proper technique so they can become proficient playing chords and rhythms to songs of the student's choosing.
In Studio: $65/Hour; $50/45minutes; $35/30 minutes; Online: $60/Hr; $45/45minutes; $30/30 min.
Gordon offers electric guitar lessons to beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students. Gordon works with students on developing proper technique and proficiency with chords, scales, rhythm, and soloing. Gordon's comfortable teaching a wide range of electric guitar styles ranging from classic rock, blues, jazz, metal, 1990's Seattle grunge, funk, R & B, and even some country.
Students are encouraged to pick their own music and Gordon can complement their choices with music in his deep library of teaching songs.
In Studio: $65/Hour; $50/45minutes; $35/30 minutes; Online: $60/Hr; $45/45minutes; $30/30 min.
Gordon offers electric bass lessons to beginning, intermediate level students. He helps students develop proper technique, become proficient with scales, and helps students learn signature bass lines from songs that reflect their stylistic interests. He also helps bassist develop proficiency with reading standard notation so they can continue to teach themselves new material. Gordon also helps bass students develop an understanding of harmony and how to play bass lines over chord changes and lead sheets. He also tries to help students gain a conceptual understanding of how the bass complements the rest of the rhythm section in songs. Gordon is comfortable teaching rock, blues, jazz, and styles revolving around Rhythm and Blues.
In Studio: $65/Hour; $50/45minutes; $35/30 minutes; Online: $60/Hr; $45/45minutes; $30/30 min.
The Ukulele is a great way to jump into learning stringed instruments. It is especially a very friendly instrument to younger students and can prepare them for future study of the guitar or other stringed instruments.
Gordon helps his Ukulele students develop basic proficiency with scales and changing chords. He helps students apply them to songs that fall into their interests. Students will have the opportunity to learn songs that are associated with the Ukulele as well as any other major genre of music that suits their interest. Some students have learned video game themes, movie themes, and have played classic rock songs on the Ukulele.
Special Offers
20% off first tuition order.
New Students: Register ForLessons And Save 20% Off Of Your First Tuition Order**The Following Conditions Apply: Tuition Order May Be Online Or In-Person. Discount Applies To New Students Only. Limited To One Discount Per Student. $110.00 Maximum Discount. May Not Be Used With Gift-Certificates Received
Key People
Mr. Gordon Tibbits
Mr. Gordon Tibbits
Owner/Instructor, (425) 760-9923
Gordon began teaching private music lessons in 1987 out of his Shoreline home. He transitioned to teaching at local music stores in Shoreline and eventually in Upstate New York. Recently, Gordon moved his teaching practice (formerly Kenmore Guitar Lessons) from the Kenmore area to help shorten his wife's commute to her recent job in downtown Everett.

When he is not teaching lessons Gordon performs with the Bavarian Beer Garden Band on guitar and vocals. He also fills in on guitar, bass, and vocals for local bands and area churches. Outside of music Gordon enjoys working out, biking, walking the neighborhood with his wife, hiking, reading, and keeping in touch with his adult children.

Visit: for additional info on Gordon and his approach to teaching music.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 7 reviews
  Testimonial by Rebecca Houghton
After talking with Gordon about my 19 year old son who has autism and his interest in playing the electric guitar, he welcomed the opportunity. From the start, he made my son feel at ease as he was able to tap into his strengths as well as challenge him in a kind and considerate way. Jacob is having a wonderful time learning and Gordon has been an exceptional instructor!"
  Testimonial by Noriko Kim
My son Tanner is 8 years old and he loves taking guitar lessons from teacher Gordon! Teacher Gordon is a really nice and kind teacher.! He always tries to follow my son's interests and teach songs that Tanner will enjoy playing on guitar with teacher Gordon during lessons. My son is so lucky to be able to take lessons with teacher Gordon! This is because teacher Gordon tries to keep lessons fun! This helps Tanner enjoy lessons and continue to make good progress on guitar!! Thank you Teacher Gordon!
  Testimonial by Shannon McMaster
Our son has been taking lessons with Gordon for the last few years and we've seen huge growth in his ability. Gordon adapts the lessons to whatever Tyler is interested in at the moment and is always willing to try new things. When Gordon moved to his new place we were more than happy to follow him even though it was farther away because we knew we wouldn't find the same experience other places. We appreciate all the work Gordon does to make lessons fun and enjoyable for our son.
  Testimonial by Jeff Hazen
Gordon is an excellent instructor; all of the superlatives that get heaped onto everybody's favorite instructor definitely apply to him as well. However, where he really shines is in taking input from you as to what kind of guitar player you'd like to be, figuring out where your skills are, and then building the roadmap/plan to get you from here to there. Of course he knows all of the theory, is an amazing player, will happily correct your bad habits and help your technique along, and has way more patience than mortals are supposed to possess, etc etc -- but the part where so many others fall short (making a personalized roadmap to becoming the kind of guitarist that you want to be) is where he excels. Not only is he great with adults, but he's great with kids, too (my son has also been taking lessons from him for the past year+), and providing enough 'fun-for-them' content to keep them interested. I'd happily recommend him as not just an instructor, but a Teacher-with-a-capital-T to anyone, regardless of their current skill level.
  Testimonial by Cheryl McChesney
"I came to Gordon as an adult student who was struggling to learn to play guitar. He was very patient with me and made learning fun, easy, and understandable! I had specific goals and he was very good at understanding those goals and helping me achieve those goals and much more. I now play over 200 songs confidently!"
  Testimonial by Nico D.
"Gordon is a great guitar teacher. He is knowledgeable, flexible and patient. I have been learning a lot from him in such a short time. He is also very nice and understanding!"
  Testimonial by Wonda Emmert
"Gordon is a great communicator and has a teaching style that is flexible to our needs. He allows for learning any style music that is of interest while incorporating skills and music theory along the way. Taking lessons online has worked well for us as he has cameras to help with different views for demonstration purposes and we share lesson sheets through Google Drive which is well organized. So grateful to have such easy access to lessons in our busy life and for his flexibility in working with varied interests in music. We highly recommend him!"
  • Friendly Frets Guitar Instruction Welcome Video
    Friendly Frets Guitar Instruction Welcome Video
    Meet Gordon Tibbits of Friendly Fret's Guitar Instruction as he describes his skills, qualities, teaching approach, expertise, and overview of what he offers students. He also gives students a first hand view of his teaching space.
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