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Music is a language sounds and symbols. With a little guidance, people very naturally learn language through exposure and repetition. Just as we learn to read and write as children, I believe that learning to read and write music is essential to music education. The end goal of all my teaching is music literacy.

In the same way that learning a language facilitates reading a newspaper or browsing the shelves of a book store, I show students how to teach themselves whatever song or style of guitar music they want to learn. Learning to read and write music takes as much effort, consistency, and patience as any other language, but it also provides limitless opportunities for lifelong growth and fulfillment.
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Contact Person Jason Giger
Phone Number (615) 305-6625
City Nashville, TN
Zip Code 37214
Address 212-A McGavock Pike
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Each of our teachers offers individual guitar lessons in their area of expertise. Private lesson rates are set and processed by each teacher.
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Jason Charles Giger
Jason Charles Giger
I am a guitarist, musician, artist, teacher, husband, friend, and most recently—Dad. I enjoy helping others to find and nurture their own creativity. For myself and others, I seek abundant life—truth, beauty, and whole-hearted living. I want people to experience the arts as more than just entertainment or 'extracurricular activity'. I really enjoy teaching. I believe that our world desperately needs music & arts teachers to show us how the study of art can infuse life with meaning and purpose
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 6 reviews
  Testimonial by Forrest Holder
I had a wonderful experience taking guitar lessons from Jason (as an adult learner). He is patient, kind, and encouraging. He is not only a master himself, but he is an excellent instructor. A difficult combination to find. I looked forward to my lessons every single week.
  Testimonial by Michelle Risdon
Jason is a talented and dedicated teacher who's passion for his craft is contagious to his students. My 11 year old daughter has had a wonderful experience learning the basics and then progressing to more challenging material. Jason is very easy to work with, and knows how to communicate with kids in a way that both empowers the student, yet commands respect for the teacher. Jason created high expectations for my daughter, then got her to meet those expectations through a blend of sincere encouragement and fun incentive programs, such as distributing "Giger bucks" that can be redeemed for guitar accessories. I highly recommend Jason as a guitar teacher to all those who are seeking a professional who is both rigourous, yet approachable, and who genuinely cares about his students progress.
  Testimonial by Keith Hansen
My seven year old son began taking lessons from Jason two months ago and he absolutely loves it! Jason is an extremely talented musician with the passion, energy, and patience to teach his craft. Jason effectively communicates on my son's level. In just 7 lessons, he is reading music, playing songs, and grabbing his guitar in his free time and composing his own tunes. We are extremely pleased with Jason and the progress my son has made in such a short time. I would highly recommend Jason as a music teacher to anyone with young kids!
  Testimonial by Andy Collier
My 9 year old son has been taking lessons from Jason for the past four months, and as a teacher, he is the real deal not just some dude teaching because he happens to know how to play guitar. No one in our immediate family is musically inclined so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but we could not be happier. Jason has a very direct, honest and refreshing approach that helps put his students at ease and removes any facet of newbie intimidation.

You can't help but love his style and knack for pushing students just hard enough to constantly feel challenged, yet not overwhelmed. Most importantly, his passion for music shines through in his teaching methodology by not just teaching the basic foundation of guitar, but also music theory, rhythm, and best of all music history.

I could not be happier with Jason as a teacher, and thanks to his guidance, my son is well on the way to being a rock legend.
  Testimonial by Dan Kelly
If you are located around Roswell, GA, I would like to highly recommend Jason for any one wanting guitar lessons. He does a fantastic job teaching my 10 year old daughter. We are very satisfied with his professional teaching. He is very patient and does a wonderful job. We will continue to use his services.
  Testimonial by Stephanie C.
This is my daughter's first year of guitar lessons and not knowing how she would like it, or how Jason instructed, made me a little nervous. But all of those nerves were put to rest after her first lesson.

Jason has a one-of-a-kind manner of teaching. He exudes patience and encouragement. And after just 5 short months of lessons, he has already come to understand my daughter's learning style & personality!!

Not to mention he is teaching her the valuable art of learning to read music, which she thoroughly enjoys! I am beyond impressed with Jason as a teacher and with my daughter's experience as his student!

Sitting in lessons each week, I have also come to appreciate a more classical approach to the guitar and the value therein :)

Giger Guitar Studio is HIGHLY recommended!!!!!
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