Jessy Hope Los Angeles, CA

My name is Jessy and I am passionate about wanting to teach you how to play the piano in a modern and easy to learn way that you can do at your own pace with no pressures that come with the traditional classical style. In today's environment we have found that more and more people want to learn Piano but are being put off by expensive in person piano lessons and classical training. That is why we are creating affordable courses fully focused around modern playing and learning at your own pace
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With a monthly or annual subscription you will have access to our courses that you can learn from and follow completely at your own pace!
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Jessy has been playing, studying and breathing music forever and started playing Piano at 5 years old. Jessy is a multi-instrumentalist and recording artist who has recorded at some of the most iconic music studios in the world and continues to write and produce new music all the time.
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Los Angeles, CA
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