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I am an experienced piano teacher in the North Austin area. Teaching piano lessons fills my days with joy. I love teaching children and introducing them to the joy of music. I enjoy making lessons a fun and exciting event of the week by incorporating educational games and manipulatives into each lesson. In my experience, the best lessons and playing happen when we are having the best time. My goal is for piano lessons to be enjoyable and relevant for each child.
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Contact Person Kristen Smith
Phone Number (512) 809-2861
City Austin, TX
Zip Code 78729
Address 6800 McNeil Dr
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Preschoolers love the adventure of learning basic piano skills and developing their musical abilities. No longer do children need to learn to read before they can enjoy playing the piano. Instead music becomes a magical experience by incorporating animals and games that prepare students for a lifelong enjoyment of music. Through everything from images to songs, lessons are specifically designed for children ages 3-4 to enjoy one-on-one lessons at their pace and developmental abilities.
Group Lessons focus on general foundational skills at the piano in preparation for individual lessons. While keyboard awareness skills will be taught, the focus of group lessons will be on rhythmic understanding and early development of aural skills as well as other introductory music skills applicable to any instrument. Group lessons involve small group activities reinforcing skills needed at the piano and therefore are a great option for preschool students who are not ready for consistent practice at home or sitting at the piano for more than a few minutes.
Key People
Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith
I have earned my BA in Music with an emphasis in piano pedagogy and have enjoyed teaching piano lessons to ages 3 and up for the past 7 years. I love teaching children and introducing them to the joy of music. I particularly enjoy making piano lessons a fun and exciting event of the week by including age appropriate games and manipulatives. My goal is to encourage a love and enthusiasm for music in every child.
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