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La Crosse, Wisconsin
(715) 514-0475
Peter PhippenShawn SmetsDaniel SullivanHeather Schultz
Lessons start with learning about the parts of your instrument and the basics of how you produce sound. Depending on your musical goals, you will learn the basics of how to read music, recognize note values, develop your technique, and play actual songs. We aim to instill in all our music students an
(563) 690-0151
NISOM teaches private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, and all standard band and orchestra instruments, as well as a variety of group classes for all ages. Programs are available for preschoolers through senior citizens. No experience or audition is required. NISOM makes music assessible to everyone
(608) 712-9433
Melanie believes music is the one thing that touches us all universally. It brings peace to the soul and awakens creativity and passion in all aspects of our lives. Students of music are instilled with the confidence and wisdom essential for all they wish to do in life. Private vocal instruction to all
(608) 219-7412
Brandy Helds Music Studio began in 2005 after realizing her passion for teaching. Over the past seven years her music studio has grown to over 40 students weekly. Brandy offers piano and guitar lessons for $25 a half hour and $40 an hour. She teaches beginning to advanced piano as well as beginning to
(608) 212-7972
Travis J. Ziegler
Travis is an experienced, passionate instructor who uses an exploratory approach when assessing his students. He creates a personal and unique curriculum, personally tailored to each individual, based upon a myriad of factors. Learning how to play a musical instrument helps to create genuine social bonds
(608) 318-1316
Brian's piano studio currently provides online lessons. He has a high-speed, high-fidelity, and very reliable online connection. He can also offer advice on how a student can set up, configure, and maintain their signal connection excellence.
(952) 469-8900
Roger James
Music Staff instructor, Roger James, serves the "South of the River" community in Lakeville MN, providing vocal and instumental instruction for all ages and ability levels. Roger is a music instructor known as a very skilled motivator who has the ability to help students find the joy in being a musician
(651) 330-4738
Alexander YoungAnthony SchulzBrian PalayDave Swift
The Swift School of Music is a contemporary music school driven by community and passion. Our classes and private lessons are engaging, fun, and full of the information youre searching for in your journey to understand music. We say we teach all ages and all skill levels, and we really mean it. We will
(651) 298-0811
Kirstin JarvisRick DimmelMark Henjum
Our instructors are ALL college trained musicians with performance experience - but they also all have a passion for giving the gift of music to others! We operate in the neighborhood as a part of the neighborhood - providing what we hope is a relaxed, inviting atmosphere for all of our students. We
(612) 251-5043
Christel Meyer
My name is Christel Meyer and I offer private piano and voice lessons to those desiring to learn or expand their skills out of my New Brighton condominium. I have a degree in Music Education, with a major in voice and minor in piano. For over seven years, I have been providing private piano and voice
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Voice Lessons - La Crosse, WI
I would like to take voice lessons for about once per month for about an hour per session.
Guitar Lessons - La Crosse, WI
53 year old amputee man. I (his wife) am looking for something to get him interested in life
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