Are you looking for private music lessons in Blue Springs, MO?

Do you need a music teacher in Blue Springs, MO providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons?
Blue Springs, Missouri
Incorporating both traditional and contemporary vocal mechanics and techniques, you will learn proper care of the voice and vocal production. We will concentrate on developing personal style as opposed to mimicking other vocalists. Musicianship and performance will also be addressed. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, each lesson will be tailor made to your specific goals and needs.
Douglas Niedt is a recording and concert artist with over 40 years of concert and teaching experience. Doug offers several types of guitar instruction: Private Lessons, Technique Tips, Summer Guitar Study, PLAY IT LIKE A PRO, University Lessons, and Musical Trainers.
Offers private drum and percussion lessons weekly in half- hour increments taught by professional instructors. Each of our studios includes two full drum sets provided for teacher and student playing interaction. There are also seperate marimba and timpani available for private concert percussion lessons.
We've been helping area residents and their families learn music for over 75 years! Building on the foundation laid by Virgil and Joyce Cavanaugh, current studio director, John Cavanaugh continues to make this "the place" you can rely on for full- time professional music instruction. We do not employ part time or student teachers! Our family has always given the lessons ourselves.
We celebrate the individuality of each child, respecting each developmental stage and inviting the children and families to explore, learn, grow, and contribute in their own way and at their own pace. Kindermusik with Joy uses the latest early childhood research and conforms to the developmentally-appropriate guidelines published by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
Offers a unique piano learning experience that is tailored to meet each student's individual needs and goals. Kevin Traynor and Angela Traynor have a combined 46 years of music teaching experience, as two of the teachers in the Kansas City area who teach piano full time, rather than part time.
Funky Munky Music offers incredible opportunities in music education for children, teenagers, and adults. Playing a musical instrument can be a hobby, or a career. Either way, Funky Munky Music wants to help each musician, or potential musician, find the best path on their personal musical journey.
26 years experience in teaching. I teach 6 days a week (full time) at Funky Munky Music. Lessons on Guitar, Bass, 4 and 5 string Banjo, Uke, Mandolin. I teach a complete understanding of the instrument and music, and techniques to make playing as effortless as possible. Without good technique (which isn't taught well by books, videos or many teachers) it's impossible to play well or excel at playing! I teach ALL aspects of playing! Most genres of music!
I provide instruction for those interested in studying guitar, music theory and composition. I have been teaching since 2004 and have been successful in motivating my students to consistently raise their level of ability. My program is tailored to the student, their interest and skill level. I am proficient in teaching most any style that you are interested in.
Piano or Guitar Lessons in Lawrence & Topeka, KS areas. Offering peaceful attitude with calmness and hooray for the student! Music games for children provided. Piano can start at age of 5 and guitar at age of 7. Lots of encouragement and how to offered. Lessons are also offered for adults. Learning strategies for musical notation, theory, memorizing songs, playing by ear, and different technique.
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