Are you looking for private music lessons in Bountiful, UT?

Do you need a music teacher in Bountiful, UT providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons?
Bountiful, Utah
I am a classically trained musician with 16 years experience located in North Salt Lake, Utah. I am dedicated to providing a high level of instruction for individuals of all ages. As a student I learned using the Suzuki method, and although I am by no means a strict adherent to all of its aspects, I use several techniques in the Suzuki methodology such as listening and memorization along with the Suzuki books - primarily because they offer students an excellent selection of pieces that progress in difficulty and are also recognizable. I encourage my students to begin reading music very early on in their study, and also incorporate an understanding of music theory into lessons.
The techniques I teach will unlock the full range and potential of your voice! Learn the secret of American Idol finalist David Archuletta, Grammy Award winners, and Opera Stars. I will free your voice up to sing in any style you choose with ease and confidence! Call today to schedule your assessment voice lesson!
Our coaching staff boasts over 500 cumulative years of professional performance experience, with extensive experience teaching privately, in public schools, as well as at the college level. We are dedicated to providing a "real world" music experience, where the students develop the skill to "touch the right key at the right time".
We offer for those interested in learning to better use their singing and acting talents. Mandi works with each student to understand the goals and style they are interested in, and ensures that correct vocal technique is the foundation.
We are proudly offering private guitar and bass lessons with a professional, educated instructor. With over 13 years teaching experience and our own custom made, professional curriculum, we have the tools and knowledge to help you learn what you want to play! We teach everyone from young to... well... older and all skill levels from beginner to advanced.
Lawrence Green is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Music at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, since 1982. Mr. Green developed the guitar program at Brigham Young University and instituted beginning and intermediate group guitar classes, the Guitar Ensemble, as well as private lessons for music majors and non-majors.
We offer a wide variety of voice lessons, private coaching, classes, and performance opportunities. Barry and Debra are top-tier vocal coaches, helping you discover and reach your highest potential. See their individual pages for more on their experience and accomplishments.
I am committed to teaching piano as a career. I want your child to love piano as much as I do! In my studio, kids who practice and follow directions get piano bucks to spend on great prizes. I believe in taking the time necessary to give your child a positive, comfortably paced lesson.
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