Are you looking for private music lessons in Edinburg, TX?

Do you need a music teacher in Edinburg, TX providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons?
Edinburg, Texas
Our experienced instructors are professionals who have been part of symphonies around the world. They understand what beginning students need and can help take experienced musicians to the next level. Lessons take place weekly, in 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour increments.
Our company's mission and guiding values are based on the simple and compelling belief that music is for everyone. We believe passionately about the value of music education and recreational music making for everyone in society. Every life needs music!
We are proud to add to its music offerings the Kindermusik name. Kindermusik is the world leader in music and movement programs for babies and toddlers. Studies have found that exposing children to music at a very early age has an overwhelming wealth of benefits that will later help them succeed and flourish in life. The Kindermusik curricula is also ideal for parents who want their child to explore music but who are still to young to focus on a musical instrument.
Welcome to the MusiK, Music & Art Studio, located in Brownsville TX. We offer one-on-one and group lessons in music and art to students of all ages and levels. Our programs give students the opportunity to grow musically and artistically in a professional setting. Why choose us? Proper education Years of experience in the field The team shares the same vision.
We offer professional instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, violin, viola, and cello for children and adults. Private and Classroom Training available in Rock Blues Country and Classical styles. All Lessons are Private with Instructor to ensure Student Receives Individualized Attention.
In our music classes students are taught not only to sing and listen to music, but are taught many music skills that are designed to prepare them for a lifetime of informed musical enjoyment. Children begin by experiencing music through listening and singing. Musical elements such as rhythmic and tonal music patterns are identified to develop tonal recognition and rhythmic feel and to prepare for eventual notation reading.
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