Grand Rapids Guitar Lessons Beginner & Advanced Guitar Lessons in Ada, MI

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Electric Rock, Blues and Metal guitar lessons in Grand Rapids are available right now through Beginner and advanced students are welcome.

Get a free lesson and learn how you can become the guitar player you've always wanted to be!

You will learn exactly what you need to know in order to play the music and songs you want to play. Your guitar lessons are taught in a way that will help you learn to apply your knowledge directly toward your musical goals--no "one size fits all" lessons. Your lessons will give you the exact knowledge and help you obtain the skills you need in order to be able to do what you want to do on the guitar.
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  • Guitar
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Grand Rapids, Ada, Rockford, Cannonsburg, Kentwood, Caledonia
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City Ada, MI
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Rock Guitar Lessons
Go to the website to book a FREE intro guitar lesson that will ensure that you are developing the two most important key skills that all rock guitar players (from beginner to advanced) absolutely need to master so that you can play the music you love, have fun and sound great doing it!
   Excellent from 3 reviews
  Testimonial by Daniel Cruzan
I have been practicing guitar seriously for over six years. Through those years I had made significant progress, but there were some roadblocks I felt that I was unable to surpass. When I began lessons with Paul, he immediately began to show me how to overcome those roadblocks. He taught me how to take the practice techniques I had learned and organize them into strategies which I then used to master the licks I had been trying to play for years.
  Testimonial by Ashley Fleener
After 3 half-hour lessons with Paul, I was using bar chords and even starting to learn solos. My playing abilities improved tremendously and I always felt comfortable when working with Paul. He planned the lessons based on my specific needs, and every minute was spent improving my skills. I am a much better and more confident guitar player and performer due to Paul's teaching, I will never go to anyone else!
  Testimonial by Matt Kraker
Paul always keeps each guitar lesson fun and interesting, they are always different and push me to my full potential. Paul does a really good job of showing you how a song works and how you can add your own solos to it. Paul is doing everything he can for me so I can reach all my musical goals.
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