Are you looking for private music lessons in Mid Florida, FL?

Do you need a music teacher in Mid Florida, FL providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons?
Mid Florida, Florida
We aspire to be the premier music school in Orlando. We teach lessons for all ages and have a passion to watch the students improve as we provide their music education. Whether it is guitar, piano or violin lessons, we believe playing an instrument is the means to many other goals.
We provide musical instruction to students of all ages in the Greater Orlando Area. Our core efforts and focus are to provide the best educational services to our students. We provide year-round private music lesson programs that inspire students to do great in life. We have a passion for all kinds of music ranging from Classical, Jazz, and Opera to Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and Rock.
Piano has been a part of my life since early elementary school. My passion is teaching young children, starting at age 5. With over 35 years of teaching public elementary school and private piano lessons, I feel that I bring much experience to each lesson so I can maximize each students learning potential. I am a certified music teacher, with piano background from the State University of New York.
A Better Music Lesson is owned and operated by Frederick and his wife Monica. Lessons are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Lesson times are available in increments of 30 minutes with special discounts designed to save you money. Our philosophy is "Do what you love and love what you do."
I am a professional guitarist, singer, songwriter, recording artist and instructor. Between both live performance and teaching, I have over 35 years of experience. I teach lead/scales, rhythm, chords, keys, finger picking, slide guitar, alternative tunings, music theory, techniques, songs, improvising and lots, lots more, with a very strong focus on creativity and songwriting in any styles/genres on acoustic or electric guitars.
Our heart at Tonal Dimensions is to impart the skills necessary for youth and adults to write, record, and perform music with other musicians in a live performance setting. There is no other studio in Central Florida that accomplishes what we do... come see for yourself why Tonal Dimension is the premier studio for learning how to play, write, perform, and record music in all genres for all ages.
A wide variety of learning opportuninties are available and include educational lessons in piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, harp and voice. Our team of professional instructors are dedicated to their students and strive for technical music education with artistry and expression. Sight reading and music theory are a part of each lesson.
Established by musicians and teachers, we have been on a mission to provide the best in music education for over thirty years. By accepting only exceptional teachers with experience and credentials supporting that philosophy, the studio has expanded to a full program of instrumental instruction, voice, and visual art.
Our mission is to help enrich the music culture in Gainesville and North Central Florida. From very the moment you walk through our door, you will know you have entered a very different kind of music store. Our home-like atmosphere is welcoming and fun- it's definitely an inviting place where you will want to sit and play awhile!
Looking to learn Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Electric & Acoustic guitar the easy & fast way? Well, you found it! You don't have to go to a " Music Lesson Warehouse" where they run you through like cattle and it's too noisy to hear the teacher! Come to my studio in North Tampa and focus on getting where you need to go on the guitar!
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