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Piano lessons are usually a half-hour once a week. Longer lessons are available for comparable rates. Either 45 minute or one hour lessons can be arranged. To save travel time and expense, we could even schedule longer lessons to be every other week.

I use a variety of learning materials. It really isn't necessary to stick with one particular set of piano learning curriculum from start to finish. In fact, it's possible to learn to play the piano without ever using a "system".

What is a "system"? It is an organized, step-by-step piano learning curriculum published by one of several companies. Currently my go-to curriculum is "Piano Town. But, I also have experience with "The Music Tree" that is designed for the tiniest of students. Anyone over the age of 8 would be quickly bored with it, but it is very good for those youngest of students. I also have used "Hal Leonard" piano theory workbooks that are also geared to children.

I grew up with the "John Schaum Piano Course" and their color named books and they are still around. I also used the "John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano" when I was an intermediate learner. For beginning adults I have used the Bastien courses. All of these curriculum materials and others will teach you how to play the piano by reading music. We'll find the one that works best for you. But wait! There is more to playing the piano.

Learning music theory is important to playing any instrument well, but in particular, playing the piano well. Knowing key signatures, chord structure, bass lines, passing tones, rhythms, and other foundations of music will allow you to play without music, play from "fake" books, and even write your own music.

So call me, Jack Bakos, at the Marana Piano Studio and let's get started on your journey to becoming the musician you want to be.
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Jack Bakos
Jack Bakos
Teacher And Owner, (520) 991-3457
I'm a piano teacher here in Tucson and let me share my background with you. I've been playing the piano since the age of seven. I began my musical training at Sacred Heart School in Vineland, NJ. My first teacher was Sister Helen, and it's a wonder I could play at all with all of those wooden rulers in the school! Honestly! I was a fairly fast learner.

I continued piano lessons with several different private teachers before finally becoming a student of George Small, who later played with John Lennon! He is the pianist on Double Fantasy. Is that cool or what? George Small was a big influence on me and helped me through those times of frustration that are inevitable for most piano students. Mr. Small is currently a session musician in NYC.

I later became a piano major in college at what is now called Rowan University, but it was just humble Glassboro State College back in the mid 70's. I played in many bands, and I'm proud of my time gigging weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvahs, and Bris. I played in many NJ clubs as well.

During my careers in the USAF, in private aviation, and in public education, I continued to play the piano, but kept it strictly as a hobby. It was, however, always my passion.

Today as a piano educator, I love teaching music and guiding people to create the music that moves them.

I have a masters degree in education and am a fully certified teacher in Arizona.

Thanks for spending time with me!
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