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Rated Excellent from 6 reviews
Teaching is my passion. I have a music education degree and over 40 years experience teaching ages 5 through adult with 16 years at Vanguard University of Southern California, teaching both class and private instruction.

I make use of the superior qualities of private instruction to tailor the music lessons to match the goals, interests and learning pace of the individual student. I offer 40 years worth of time-tested techniques and hundreds of pages of unique studies to help the student quickly acquire the knowledge and skills needed to play piano, electric keyboard, guitar, electric bass, clarinet or saxophone.

I strive to maintain each student's motivation to learn by providing this personalized instruction in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Lessons Offered
  • Bass
  • Clarinet
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
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Cash, Personal Checks, Apple Pay, Venmo
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  • Established in 1976 (46 years in the business)
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Phone Number (714) 658-1023
City Santa Ana, CA
Zip Code 92704
Address 5213 West Flight Avenue
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Products and Services
Private lessons allow me to teach what the student wants to learn - classical, pop, etc. Let me show you how much fun learning acoustic piano or electric keyboard can be. Lessons Available for Ages 5 through Adult.
Private lessons allow me to teach what the student wants to learn - classical, rock, pop or jazz. Let me show you how much fun learning acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar or electric bass can be. I incorporate relevant music theory into all of my instruction so you will fully understand everything you are playing.
My specialty is teaching children, ages 9 through 18, who play or wish to play in their school band or orchestra. My goal is to have every student of mine sit in the first chair position. Many of my students have even become section leaders. I have also developed a curriculum for children and adults who just want to play on their own. The course can be personalized to emphasize classical, pop, rock or jazz styles.
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 6 reviews
  Testimonial by Lynn Haye
Mark is a great teacher! He customizes his lessons to fit the interests of his students. His flexibility and patience create a positive learning experience and help to keep students motivated. Currently, I'm taking adult beginning guitar from him and am very pleased with the progress I'm making!
  Testimonial by Penny Selby-Newman
My son has been taking piano lessons for three years with Mark James. He is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him!
  Testimonial by Kevin Novokhatsky
He teaches in a way that is fun and doesn't yell at you if you do a mistake. If you had to choose a music teacher, I would highly recommend Mark.
  Testimonial by Gabriela Rubio
I have been taking my son to Mr. Mark for about 2 months already and all I can say is that he is wonderful. My son is 7 and has ADHD. He is a handful most of the time. His has poor attention span and is super hyper. Mr. Mark has always made him feel welcomed and has all the patience in the world to deal with him. He is very knowledgeable about music and explains everything to my son like he was an adult. Its amazing how my son understands everything! Mr. Mark has helped my son to fall in love even more with music. I totally recommend him to anyone. He is awesome!
  Testimonial by Leslie Barish
Mark is an excellent teacher as evidenced by my 11 yr old grandson's enthusiasm for his lessons. Mark is professional, kind, and supportive. He strikes just the right note (pun intended).
  Testimonial by Cheryl Newman
My mid-teen grandson (NN) asked if he could have a "key board" as his Christmas gift. A few months after receiving the key board I asked NN if he would like to take lessons and he said "yes". I located Mr. James through a professional music teachers association and the rest is history. Mr. James is a dedicated and extremely patient teacher. NN has been Mr. James weekly student for 18 months and I attend each lesson and observe his teaching skill as well as the development of NN's music ability. I think it says a lot about a teacher's skill if a 16 year old wants to continue the lessons. My judgement of the teaching skills is partially based on the fact that I have been attending music lessons (cello with various teachers) with my now 20 year old granddaughter for 10 years.
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