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Nashville, Tennessee
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Skype LessonsRandy Craft
Randy has been teaching singers in the Nashville area for nearly a decade. If you struggle with pitch, range, stamina, vocal strength, finding your style, confidence in your singing, or just need a check up, then Randy can help. His experience with Nashville singers over the years has included performers on Broadway and National Tours, American Idol contestants, cruise ship performers, recording artists, and much more.
(615) 305-6625
Private Lessons
I teach solid music fundamentals and guitar literacy-skills you'll enjoy for life, whatever the latest music craze. Think of me as your "little old piano lady down the block" kind of guitar teacher (minus the musty smell and plastic covered couch) and way more fun.
(615) 351-1769
We teach piano, voice, cello, violin, songwriting and guitar. All private lessons provide one-to-one specific teaching to create the optimum learning environment. Along with teaching musicianship and instrument performance, we also include ear training, theory, and history as part of the training process. Also we offer lessons in your home.
(615) 255-8355
We provide professional one-on-one music instruction in the following instruments: piano, guitar and bass, woodwind and brass instruments, strings, percussion and voice lessons. We make affordable, quality instruction available to children from low-income families.
(615) 972-2008
Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player, young, old, or somewhere in between, there is something here for you! We offer piano lessons in-studio or in your home, with reasonable rates and the proven teaching style of Caleb Hogan. Caleb is experienced in teaching classical technique and music theory, lead sheet reading, playing by chords, and contemporary solo piano performance and composition.
(615) 790-7578
Our teaching method is based on basic music fundamentals applied to the students specific musical genre of interest. All of our teachers have either college degrees in music, or have played and taught music professionally for ten years or more. Like all music schools, our goal is to provide basic music
(615) 519-8324
Imagine being able to play the piano...after only one lesson!What's a Minuet?
When a person decides to learn how to play the piano, they are passionate, excited and eager to learn. We LOVE that excitement and we want our students to feel that positive energy throughout all of their piano lessons. So, we jump right in and go straight to the good part. As a result, our students
(615) 849-8465
Miss Erin
Simply Music is a revolutionary, Australian-developed method for those who would like learn how to play the piano. This breakthrough program has students of all ages playing great-sounding blues, contemporary, classical and accompaniment pieces immediately from their very first lessons. Simply Music
(419) 575-5296
Have been teaching guitar privately for the better part of the last 12 years. Recently, it has become more and more necessary to define what I call teaching and how I approach lessons and the function they have in the development of a new musician. I have moved away from the idea that simply teaching
(256) 880-7353
Gonca Huff
Cello lessons require cooperation and communication between student and teacher to make a successful musical experience. My mission is to nurture the artistic spirit in each person and a lifelong love of music and learning through a wide variety of types of repertoire and to help each student achieve
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  • Cassie Keller
    Cassie Keller by Randy Craft
    Cassie Keller from Kansas City, MO has a SKYPE voice lesson with Randy Craft Vocal Coach in Nashville, TN.
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