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Unlike a large music, multi-teacher music school, at Primeau Guitar Studio, you're not just another face in the crowd. I aim to create a personal, friendly relationship with each of my students. You won't hear other guitarists noodling through the walls or have to deal with a secretary to take care of scheduling. Likewise, I am a full-time professional teacher so I won't be missing lessons frequently for performances and you'll never be passed off to another teacher.

The studio is filled with every book, DVD, audio equipment, effects pedal and learning tool you could ever need to for a great learning experience. Scheduling is simple, flexible and visible online. If you're feeling interested in learning the guitar, please click on the "Book A Lesson" tab and we can set something up in person. I look forward to working with you!
Lessons Offered
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
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Phone Number (734) 476-1678
City Austin, TX
Zip Code 78757
Address 6000 Laird
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Teaching elementary-aged kids can be something many guitar teachers avoid. It requires a different level of patience and style of teaching to accommodate the learning needs of children. Their shorter attention spans and smaller hands require a very age-specific curriculum. I have a very well tested pedagogy for kids, teaching them how to read melodies via tablature in order to strengthen their fingers before moving them to reading standard notation. Once their fingers and knowledge of the guitar are adequate, I begin teaching them how to sing and play popular songs.
First and foremost, I appreciate that each student has a different background, goals, influences, habits and learning needs. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size fits all method for learning the guitar. My lesson plans focus on teaching directly toward the students interests, building new skills each lesson on the solid foundation we created in previous lessons. By using a step-by-step approach based in the music you love, you will build both a strong understanding of the instrument and a large repertoire.
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