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Rated Excellent from 7 reviews
Purple Deer Music Lessons offers student-focused, results-based piano lessons to students ages 4 and up. Lessons are taught in our studio or at your home. Students are offered performance opportunities, music theory and composition as well as piano technique and different styles of music.
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Phone Number (203) 283-8003
City Fairfield, CT
Zip Code 06825
Address 670 Fairfield Woods Rd
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Purple Deer piano lessons are taught in an encouraging environment with the student's musical interests, level of skill, prior experience and musical goals in mind. All students can learn to play the piano. Students are allowed to explore, be creative and have fun at their lessons. They are taught music appreciation as well as music theory, including scales and chords, composition, transposing pieces, note reading, sight reading and correct technique - just to name a few.
Key People
Julie Blumenstock
My name is Julie Blumenstock and I started Purple Deer Music in Fairfield, CT in 2018. After teaching private piano lessons for 27 years, I saw there was a need for student-focused, results-based lessons. Here at Purple Deer, piano students enjoy learning a variety of styles of music while acquiring piano technique, music theory and performance skills. Piano lessons are taught to children of all ages, adults, seniors and stay at home moms - in my Fairfield Woods Road studio or in your home.
Reviews and Testimonials
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 7 reviews
  Testimonial by Bella M.
Hi! My two daughters started piano lessons with Julie in spring. One of the daughters didn't have an experience and after a few lessons she started to play songs with both hands right away. It gives them great pleasure to be in company of Julie and learn more about beautiful music. Girls have already participated in spring/summer recital which is a great opportunity to share your work and also to learn from others. Good luck to everyone! I would definitely recommend Julie Blumenstock from Purple Deer Music School as your piano teacher.
  Testimonial by Jody Barbero
Julie works around the childrens personalities. My son for example is a visual learner so all of the music she teaches him she color coordinates the notes. She is very kind, patient, and passionate about piano and it shows through when my son plays! He looks forward to going there every week!
  Testimonial by Ruthie
My daughter and my niece took piano lessons from Julie for 4 years. I was amazed at how fast it all came together. They were total beginners and she had them reading music and playing real songs in a matter of months. They couldn't wait for her to come over each week. She made it fun and she was just the nicest person. We especially loved the Holiday Recitals!
  Testimonial by Marie
I recommend Julie Blumenstock for a piano teacher. She is a really good piano player and teacher and was able to make my 10 year old son James interested in piano. He didn't want lessons but I wanted him to try since we had my grandmother's piano. He only wanted to play jazzy songs and at first that's what she taught him. Little by little she offered other types of music and he eventually played a lot of different kinds of music and ended up loving classical. It was a wonderful experience.
  Testimonial by Robert
My kids Katie and Joey took lessons with Julie Blumenstock. They both learned to play the piano and really enjoyed it. They learned to love and appreciate music. Katie is currently studying to become a music therapist in college. When working with the kids, Julie was very patient and had a great sense of humor. She was always really nice and even helped us to find a better piano when the old one we had no longer worked.
by Lindsay Alexander
Jun 24, 2021
We feel so lucky to have found Purple Deer to restart piano lessons after others didn't "take" with an 8-year-old. The wonderful Patti kept things lively but also set an expectation to practice that helped a kiddo who didn't necessarily want to do so. The year culminated in a lovely, small-format recital that really locked in did our child her enjoyment of the whole thing. She's eager for more next year! Recommend this business without reservations.
I recommend this business
  Great experience!
by Delia Powers Coppola
Sep 23, 2019
Julie has been an instrumental part of our boys' music experience. She listens to what they want to do and figures out a way to honor their passion and teach them so much more than the foundations.
I recommend this business
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