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Tampa, Florida
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Virgil MandaniciThe Note
Looking to learn Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Electric & Acoustic guitar the easy & fast way? Well, you found it! You don't have to go to a " Music Lesson Warehouse" where they run you through like cattle and it's too noisy to hear the teacher! Come to my studio in North Tampa and focus on getting where you need to go on the guitar!
(813) 907-6363
Sulynn HagoCamille TedescoDave HamarPorsche Purkett
The main purpose of our music lesson program is to provide individuals with a fun activity that can build self-esteem, enhance a childs development, and become a useful outlet for pent-up energy in a safe and supportive environment. We have 20 music teachers, all with either University or equivalent training and professional performance experience.
(813) 442-4047
We strive to build love for music through hard work, discipline, and creativity. Each individual piano lesson is designed to combine technical mastery of the instrument, good understanding of composers interests and the students own emotions. Our teaching goal is to bring each student to the highest possible standard of playing and making music alive.
(813) 600-7754
Thomas Francisco has been teaching students of all ages for almost a decade and has a structured method that makes learning easy. He offers guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. Whether you want acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons he can show you what you need to know.
(917) 930-6738
Learn with a veteran guitar teacher, longtime professional guitarist and co-author of two music instruction books. Whatever kind of music you enjoy and want to play, well follow a path that builds and emphasizes the techniques youll need. Our lessons will be designed to keep you interested and enthusiastic
(813) 438-6203
BrianCustom Instruction for Adults
What are your musical dreams? Do you want to play guitar in a band? Would you like to write songs? Perhaps you would like to make music with family and friends. Or maybe you simply want to play guitar for your own personal enjoyment. Your guitar lessons are designed specifically to bring you from your
(727) 669-5725
Jeff BerlinMatt BokulicPeter Mongaya
Founded by Jeff Berlin in 1996, The Players School of Music was created to improve music education by teaching students according to their ability to learn. The school introduced a bold new concept in music education; that students had time to become familiar with their homework and practice without
(727) 796-0417
Voicercise IntroductionNaomi's Quick Tips: Why Don't I Sound Good and How to Sing Better
I have been improving the voices of children, teens, adults, seniors, amateurs, recording artist, professionals, choruses, choirs, speakers, people who sing in church, karaoke and in the shower for more than 25 years. The basic techniques I used were created by my mother Amanda Ambrose who worked as
(863) 640-2810
I Think Too MuchGlimmer of Light
Our heart at Tonal Dimensions is to impart the skills necessary for youth and adults to write, record, and perform music with other musicians in a live performance setting. There is no other studio in Central Florida that accomplishes what we do... come see for yourself why Tonal Dimension is the premier
(941) 726-3020
Rachel AssiJennifer BestAdam DesorgoAbe Feder
We are determined to develop each student to his or her highest potential on and off the stage. Each student receives personal guidance and attention from SMA faculty and staff throughout his or her musical journey. At Sarasota Music Academy we provide students the highest level of music education and
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    The Note by Virgil Mandanici
    It's four in the morning, you take a look outside. The world is asleep, but not you. You've been up for days. 'Been waiting for the world to change, but it just stays the same. And you play it's game, but you realize, when it tells you lies. And you, you just bow your head in shame.
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