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Rated Excellent from 2 reviews
Becky Atchley has been teaching piano since 2001 and coaching vocals since 2003. She is degreed in music performance, recording and production, and is currentely adding music therapy to her qualifications.

A seasoned performer and producer, Ms.Atchley has had the priviledge of working with multiple independent and larger labels in developing prospective artists and coaching their performance. She specializes in live event performance and recording preparation.

As an instructor and coach, she believes in utilizing a duality between teaching the material and fostering the student or client's own artistic taste and goals.

Becky Atchley is a seasoned professional musician and songwriter and is currently working on releasing her fifth album. As a performer, she has also been involved with various collegiate chorale,musical theater and film projects.

The Atchley Studio will be opening a center in fall 2014 and all who enroll now for the private in home classes, will have their introductory low price grandfathered upon the center opening!
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Phone Number (307) 259-0680
City Casper, WY
Zip Code 82601
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Whether you are a beginner looking to discover the beauty and complexity that is the piano, or a returning player looking to refresh on your skills, lessons are offered for a variety of skill ranges. Lessons are taught in two main terms with the additional option of a summer add-on or refresher course. The scheduling of lessons depends solely on the instructor's availability. It is absolutely on a first come first served basis. Lessons are provided Monday through Saturday from 6am-7pm.
Perhaps you are looking to learn how to sing so that you may be able to build a career from it...or perhaps your love of music knows no bounds and you wish to add your vocal instrument to your repetoire. Neither of those would be uncommon and would absolutely make sense for you to sign up for vocal lessons. However, for some it is also about having a desire to be able to express themselves in a way that is very personal and the same time, very impersonal.
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Becky Atchley
Becky Atchley
Rated Excellent (5 of 5) from 2 reviews
  Testimonial by Morgan Arcane
Casper, WY
If you're a beginner looking for full lessons or a skilled singer who just needs to put a little more oomphinto a song you've written, Becky will help you find the path you want to be on, from punk to opera.
  Testimonial by Cindy De Vries
Portland, OR
I always wanted to learn to play the piano, I'm far from professional, but Becky gave me the confidence to now play in front of my friends and family.
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