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Do you need a private teacher or studio in Boise, Idaho providing guitar, piano, drum or singing lessons? Stop searching - we have detailed information, unbiased student reviews and recommendations about local schools and instructors.
Boise, Idaho
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Our teachers are experienced, degreed professionals who value a positive learning environment. Their background with children and music makes them exceptionally qualified and friendly, with high expectations for success. Our entire team of teachers is committed to meeting the needs of our students.
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Whether you are just curious about music or a serious student, we offer courses that will enhance your musical journey. Well paced and a barrel of fun, students will enjoy learning in classes with others their own age and ability level. Well paced and a barrel of fun, students will enjoy learning in
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Musical activities provide children with important experiences that can help them develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills. PRIVATE LESSONS are offered year round. DISCOUNTS are provided for semester enrollment. Instruments taught vary from year to year based on
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Drum Lessons - Boise, ID
16 year old wanting to learn how to play drums. Has a basic drum set.
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