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Pasadena, California
(626) 366-7094
Greg MarloweClara plays Faure's
Offers a stimulating musical program for both children and adults. Teaches lessons for beginning, intermediate, and the early advanced student. Greg feels that the lessons should be enjoyable as well as enriching, and hopes that they will enable the student to broaden their horizons through the performance and appreciation of music.
(626) 529-4161
Gregory GeigerDylan Gentile
I have been teaching for over twenty years. There are many types of teachers. Some teach students to sing songs. They coach a singer with musical emphasis, and teach very little about the technique of singing. No matter how well a singer phrases or expresses a song, the basic quality of the voice is most important. Every voice can have a beautiful quality. Quality is in the technique.
(626) 584-2956
Donna LeeBen KassHannah Wegner
We are committed to the realization of each student's talent and individual development. Our instructors are committed to designing an enjoyable, integrated and comprehensive curriculum to promote growth in the student's chosen instrument as well as inspire in each student a life-long appreciation and love for music. Most of our teachers offer instruction on a wide variety of instruments.
(626) 300-5450
We're a one-stop shop for all things guitar, providing guitar lessons, sales, and repair/modification/upgrades.
Gohar Soukiassian
Founded in 2005, we employ the best traditions taken from the world-renowned Russian Music School. The school's mission is to nurture and develop artistic talent in the individual, and to prepare the individual for a successful role in society. We provide piano, violin and viola lessons. We conduct only
(626) 282-1400
We specialize in one thing - providing the highest quality of musicinstruction. Our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive performance experience. Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student's learning style. Private instruction ensures that
(626) 282-7605
Mario HidalgoAnnie ChenTamara Bevard
Whether you are looking for local lessons for yourself or for a child, our instructors are ready to give their time and skills to you. Most young people take to music almost effortlessly, and it's never too late for adults to make their dreams of learning to play an instrument or sing their favorite
(626) 254-9525
Kristin CaliendoVoicePeter HuertaMiyuki Nakashima
Our Preschool & Kindergarten program provides basic music fundamentals for age 3-5 from teachers schooled in Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kindermusik methods. Group classes and individual lessons are provided for beginner through advanced levels of piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, viola, cello, double
(818) 548-7959
We stand poised on the edge of future growth. We are looking forward to an increased presence in our community, greater impact on the cultural scene and an even greater role of leadership in our world of non-profits and the arts. Why should the parents encourage their children to be interested in music
(818) 242-7551
Marty Buttwinick
Through twenty-eight years of one-on-one teaching, my specialty is creating easy to understand and effective lessons. They are organized, fun and productive, resulting in stable musical skill and ability. In addition to teaching beginning and intermediate students, some top acts that my professional
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  • Clara plays Faure's
    Clara plays Faure's by Greg Marlowe
    Clara performs an arrangement of Gabriel Faure's "Sicilienne" as a piano duet with her teacher, Greg Marlowe. Clara has studied with Mr. Marlowe for five years.
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